En-route Permits

Service on short notice, for almost any destination

Over the course of of our operations, we have built strong rapport with the civil aviation authorities, authorized offices and agencies around the world. This helps us offer exclusive services for obtaining en-route overflight and landing permits even under the most challenging time-frames. Our highly experienced and dedicated Trip Support Services teams ensures that requests are processed promptly, allowing our clients to take flight on short notice.

In addition to offering VIP overflight permissions, we also handle urgent permits for air rescue operations under absolutely stringent conditions. Our highly efficient TSS teams are able to procure urgent grants by directly connecting with the representatives of the directorate of the civil aviation authorities.

A flight was stuck in Hong Kong, because their service provider had only arranged an arrival slot. With the intended departure time looming near, the promised by their agent departure slot was still not secured.

The client reached out to us, needing urgent help with this issue. As requested, we were able to step in and obtain the missing departure slot to get them off the ground, despite the fact that it is nearly impossible for an outside party to get involved in an already active flight in Hong Kong. We were able to do that thanks to our stellar record and the trust built with the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Authorities.